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PP reusable takeaway cup. Mix and match silicon bands and silicon lids to your corporate colours.

105 x 90mm

Brand Methods

Branding Size
60 x 20mm

Navy (G1199-2-BAND-H-NAVY)
Navy (G1199-3-LID-H-NAVY)
Pink (G1199-2-BAND-J-PINK)
Pink (G1199-3-LID-J-PINK)
Purple (G1199-2-BAND-K-PURPLE)
Purple (G1199-3-LID-K-PURPLE)
Turquoise (G1199-2-BAND-I-TURQUOISE)
Turquoise (G1199-3-LID-I-TURQUOISE)
White (G1199-2-BAND-L-WHITE)
White (G1199-3-LID-L-WHITE)
Black (G1199-1-CUP-BLACK)
Black (G1199-2-BAND-A-BLACK)
Black (G1199-3-LID-1-BLACK)
Blue (G1199-2-BAND-B-BLUE)
Blue (G1199-3-LID-2-BLUE)
Green (G1199-2-BAND-C-GREEN)
Green (G1199-3-LID-3-GREEN)
Mocha (G1199-1-CUP-MOCHA)
Mocha (G1199-2-BAND-G-MOCHA)
Mocha (G1199-3-LID-7-MOCHA)
Orange (G1199-2-BAND-E-ORANGE)
Orange (G1199-3-LID-5-ORANGE)
Red (G1199-2-BAND-D-RED)
Red (G1199-3-LID-4-RED)
White (G1199-1-CUP-WHITE)
Yellow (G1199-2-BAND-F-YELLOW)
Yellow (G1199-3-LID-6-YELLOW)

From $3.45 + GST includes one colour print(2500+)

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